When Exam Anxiety Hits, What Are The Best Ways To Relax?

A lot of us are unfortunately familiar with anxiety and know what it entails. Most people usually get anxiety before an important event such as interview, date or in this case – exams. So many of us wonder: when exam anxiety hits, what are the best ways to relax?

Anxiety causes fear which is accompanied by excessive sweating, agitation, increased palpitations and stammering, irritability, poor appetite, stomach butterflies, negative thinking, and comparing yourself to other students. All this culminates with poor exam results, even though we’ve studied hard and knew all the answers.

The Main Causes of Exam Anxiety

There are many causes of exam anxiety but we’ll talk about the most common ones. First among them is the uncertainty that arises when we are not well prepared for the exam. Another great cause is fear. Fear of the professor and their authority, fear of disappointing your parents and the fear of not achieving our own goals.

When Exam Anxiety Hits, What Are The Best Ways To Relax?

Students are trying to overcome exam anxiety in various ways and they use all sorts of methods and tools. In some cases sedatives or alcohol seem like the right option, even though they are not. The best advice is to accept your anxiety. A little nervousness is normal and sometimes it can help you to sharpen your thoughts, improve your performance and think more effectively. But to be able to stay calm and relaxed during exam, you need to make sure to do the following things that will help you stay focused and anxiety free.

– Preparation

Preparation is certainly the most important thing. Having all of the exam lessons learned, will help you avoid stage fright and therefore success is guaranteed.

– Practice

If you’re having troubles with oral presentation, then practice in front of your friends or family members to overcome it.

– Sleep

A good night’s sleep is an important factor in overcoming exam anxiety, because if you don’t get enough sleep and show up to the exam feeling tired, your concentration will be weak, you’ll get nervous and automatically have lower scores on the exam.

– Nutrition

The situation is similar as the one above. Have a nice snack and you’ll feel much better during the exam.

– Clothing

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and of course in accordance with the outside temperature and weather.

– Check in time

Make sure to get there a little earlier, possibly 20 minutes before the exam.

– Breathing

Breathing helps us to relax and to remain focused during the exam. Find the breathing technique that works best for you and use it.

– Positive thoughts

THINK POSITIVE! Because that is the only way you can take your exams successfully.

– Relaxation techniques

If you find yourself anxious during the exam, try using relaxation techniques. Use positive reinforcements, don’t think about the fear, visualize and breathe.

– Professional help

If none of the above works for you, then do not hesitate to seek professional help from a therapist. This is not a big deal and it can certainly be corrected.