Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

Getting a good education is at the top of the list of priorities in a child’s life. Unfortunately, with the changing curriculum and state regulations regarding education, students are struggling more than ever. Parents are struggling even more in their attempts to help their children with homework, particularly when the child has learning difficulties. One remedy some parents choose is hiring a tutor. Does your child need tutoring?

Failing or Slipping Grades

This is often the first sign that your child needs a tutor. If your child is suddenly getting poor grades or is struggling in one particular area, regardless of how much you help him or her, a tutor may be needed. Often when a child is constantly getting poor grades, it’s because he or she needs additional help.

Poor Time Management

When given a choice, most children are going to pick playing over doing homework. However, if your child is avoiding doing homework, not making time for homework, or is just unhappy with school in general, this is a real sign that the student may benefit from tutoring. A tutor will help a student keep up with homework and manage time better.

Behavioral Problems

Although behavioral problems may occur at school for a variety of reasons, they’re usually a sign of boredom or lack of understanding. Providing your child with tutoring will allow for one-on-one interaction, which usually eliminates the boredom and helps improve understanding of the school work. It’s important to realize, however, that behavioral problems may be indications of other issues.

Low Self-Esteem

Children who are shy or lack self-esteem are less likely to ask for help. The fear of being laughed at by other students may make the student afraid to ask for help. When this happens, the student often falls further and further behind. The more behind the student falls, the harder it is going to be to catch up on homework.

Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities are going to continue to have problems keeping up with the other students, which can lead to even bigger problems. A tutor can help the student learn at his or her own pace. Even though most schools have classes designated for children with learning disabilities, these students often need additional help.