10 Ways To Find Cheap Flights

Other than saving cash on your accommodation, learning how to discover cheap flights will help you reduce your other enormous travel cost. Thankfully, there are tips and strategies we can apply so that we don’t need to pay top dollars!

When looking for cheap flights or cheap business flight tickets, your goal should be about the best value instead of the lowest fares possible. Flexibility is most imperative when you’re looking to spare cash on your airfare costs, but having to connect many times to get to your destination in one country is often not worth saving 30 bucks. However, if you have settled travel dates, or if you just fly on the weekends or during the most expensive periods, it will somehow be a challenge to find cheap flights or cheap business flight tickets, yet not impossible.

10 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

1. Begin searching as early as possible

Airlines for the most part release tickets 11 months ahead of time. When you know your destination, begin researching and keep on checking at any rate once every week. Flight costs are live and vary continuously because of free market activity. So, as long as you see a price that’s attractive to you, jump on it. Without a doubt, there will be last minute deals after you have purchased your tickets, but that will always be the case. 

2. When is the best time to purchase your ticket? 

There truly are no hard and fast rules, but there are some trends to know about. Peak seasons and long weekends will, of course, have the higher prices. You can stack the odds to support you by purchasing at a certain time in advance. A study by CheapAir, who studied 560 million flights, found that the ideal time to buy plane tickets was 7 weeks ahead of time (for domestic flights). Others have proposed that the ideal time is  3-7 weeks ahead of time. Whereas, the WORST possible time is 14 days or 5 months prior to your trip. For global flights, Cheap Air found the ideal time for cheap business flight tickets is 11-12 weeks before takeoff. 

3. What DAY is the best to fly? 

It will not make any difference what day you buy your tickets, but it does matter what day you choose to fly out. It is best to fly out on a Tuesday, Saturday, or Wednesday. These are off-peak days with airlines with fewer business travelers with lower fares and an excess of available seats. This means that you have a superior possibility of getting more comfortable, roomier seats (hint: emergency exit seats). Sundays and Fridays are the most costly days to fly out. But remember, purchasing a ticket on a specific day won’t really make a difference in the price of a ticket you are planning to buy.

4. Be flexible with your flight dates

The best strategy to save money on flights is to be flexible with your travel dates. If you have the option to adjust your departure and arrival dates by a couple of days, you will have more of a chance to lower the price of the tickets you are looking to purchase. If you have very specific dates that you can’t be flexible with, it could be more difficult to get good deals.

5. Adjust your time of day for flying

If you can not change the date of your flight, play around with what time of the day you fly out, which can change the cost of your trip drastically. Flying at less preferable hours, for instance, taking the red-eye out or flying out in the early morning rather than in the evening, will help you find better deals. More often than not, the cheapest flights leave either at early hours of the morning or late in the evening. In fact, you will find some of the cheapest business class flights during these time periods. 

6. Identify the cheapest payment method

As of late, I got stung with a $94 charge for booking flights with my Mastercard, which I now stay away from when I’m trying to book cheap business flight tickets. Unfortunately, some airlines prefer certain payment methods over others – thankfully it is not that common. However, when airlines have strict rules about their payment methods, they also usually have rewards that come with their preferred payment methods.

7. Check substitute airports  

If there is more than one air terminal close to your first or last destination, check them both. The more alternatives you have as far as airports and travel dates, the more likely it is you’ll find a wicked deal. Ensure you know where the air terminal is arranged for your convenience and arrange everything before you book your tickets.

8. Fly where the deals are

Rather than selecting a destination and eventually putting in days or weeks of attempting to discover a flight bargain, consider flying to where the flight bargains are now! Pick a destination you can easily bear the cost of and will appreciate and enjoy. Utilize a flight web search engine that gives you a chance to sort your takeoff city and quest for a list of cheap flight tickets to anywhere on the planet. If you are adaptable with where you want to go, these are convenient tools and enjoyable to play around with. 

9. Consider round-trip tickets

Regardless of the possibility that you are just flying one way, in some cases, one-way tickets end up costing more than round-trip tickets. Just purchase round-trip tickets if you ever encounter such a dilemma. 

10. Use different airlines 

For local flights inside Australia, for instance, it’s frequently cheaper for them to utilize diverse airlines and book two separate one-way flights. For instance, they have Jetstar Airways in one bearing and Virgin Australia for the arrival (or the other way around). Do your research and component in web booking costs for finding the cheapest business class flights. If you do two separate airlines, you will pay two internet booking costs.